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A message from Shawn Allan CEO

Ace Pilot Car.

  • At Ace Pilot car we specialize in over-sized loads. Our first priority is safety. This is ‘the’ non-negotiable value the guides and directs all of our decisions as we serve both the public at large and the loads themselves during all movements.

  • Since our inception in 1979, Ace Pilot car has set the pace in quality over quantity. Our team has changed during our 40 years; but the level of service has already remained the same. We believe that the process of mentorship/ongoing training is the key to ensuring and sustaining the highest level possible in the industry.


  • Because ‘over-sized’ loads are a specialty part of the trucking /logistics industry as a whole, it requires more than a driver’s license and some lights on a vehicle. Lives are literally on the line every single time one of these loads is on the road with an uneducated public. This requires a level of expertise acquired over time and constant training that we at Ace work hard towards maintaining.


  • As president of the company I have placed the bar high and expect our industry to show itself worthy of the task. When the phone rings we want our customers to know we can answer their questions and assist them in ways beyond just showing up and driving.


  • With so many regulations and rules governing different provinces and states it is important to us to be more than a dispatch service. Giving you all the information you need to correctly bid on your oversize loads enables all of us to be successful.

  • So with this in mind and as we move forward, our goals are simple:


  • Safety first; Integrity always

       Be ever increasing our professionalism as drivers and customer service

       Set the pace for public respectability in the trucking / logistics industry

Mission Statement

At Ace Pilot Car we are only as good as our pilots. Hard work and dedication to the job, as well as our partners and the public, is the calling card each Ace pilot is trained for. 


With a wealth of experience, in both the pilot car and transportation industry, our drivers believe there is no job too big or too small to be done right and safe. 


Our load captains on multi-pilot loads are just one of the reasons we are able to 

keep quality control high and continue to increase the skill level of our new recruits. 


Each truck is equipped with all required equipment plus safety gear, magnetic lights, cones, signs, hand held radios, flags, and emergency kits. 


Every Ace pilot is traffic control certified and currently eight of are USA certified pilots as well. 


We take great pride making sure every Ace pilot is trained over and above all industry minimum standards.


We also monitor updated Department of Transportation regulation changes regularly, so you 

can rest easy with the knowledge all loads are properly escorted. 


So whether it is your first load with us or you thousandth, we strive to make it a safe and stress free move for everyone. The more you get to know the drivers, the more you will ask to have them back. 


Let Ace set the pace

Rates and Sevices



  • Every project our clients undertake is unique and presents its own challenges.

  • For that reason, we ask you to contact us with your requirements so we may quote you a rate that is competitive within the industry.




  • Escorts for wide loads, long loads.

  • We have flags, lights, and nylons signs when needed

  • (will be charged if damaged or lost)

  • Traffic control when needed.


Our Fleet

Pictures and Video from the Road

Feature Video

Our Partners

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Tel: 604-532-1968


Toll Free: 1-888-713-7733

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